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Work with Us

Volunteer Manager

application deadline: 30 Jun 2021

Description of role

Develop and manage Enrich's volunteer program.

This includes:

  • managing our volunteer database (excel) and migrating it onto our CRM system,
  • posting all volunteer opportunities onto our website and vetting volunteers to determine suitability for the roles available,
  • liaising with corporate volunteer organisations such as TimeAuction, Hands-On Hong Kong and Community Connections,
  • writing a volunteer policy, and
  • hosting a monthly zoom coffee with active volunteers to foster a sense of community, celebrate their achievements and share Enrich updates.

Please note that this is an unpaid, volunteer position.

Skills required

English speaking, very organized, good inter-personal skills

Time commitment

One day per week on an ongoing basis. Can work from home with occasional trips to the office.

How to apply?

Email Lucinda Pike at [email protected] and Kelli Haynes at [email protected]