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What is the Enrich Planner App and what are the benefits of using it?

The Enrich Planner App is a FREE financial planning application designed by charity Enrich HK. It is currently only available for download from Google Play Store. The app has been created especially for migrant domestic workers, to help you achieve financial freedom!

The Enrich Planner app lets you take control of your finances much more effectively by helping you spend within your budget, achieve goals, and track loans. It also lets you view equivalent currencies in HKD, PHP, RP, MOP, SGD, and USD.

The app can help you set goals and incorporate it into your budget. It’s also easier to track your loan, as the app shows an overview of your current loans, including a calculation of the annual interest. Additionally the app will prompt you whenever you have upcoming loan payments or if you have gone beyond your budget.

Here are the key features of the app which can aid you in achieving financial freedom:

  • Goal Setting (Set your goals and track as you gradually achieve them)
  • Loan Management (Monitor your loan and loan payments)
  • Budgeting (Track your monthly income, expenses, and savings)