Is it safe to input personal financial information in the Enrich Planner App?

The Enrich Planner App is a FREE free financial planning application designed by charity Enrich HK. It is currently available for download from Google Play Store. The app has been created especially for migrant domestic workers, to help you achieve financial freedom!

All data input into the Enrich Planner App is saved only on your mobile phone. Enrich does not keep records of your personal information input into the app.

The only personal financial information that the app prompts you to input are your budget, expenses, and loans. These are all safe to enter into the app.

In your App Settings feature, you can choose preferred language, home currency, and set up an offline passcode so you can log in to the App when you’re not connected to the internet. You can also choose to receive notifications for approaching due dates, loan repayment dates, and news updates. All of this information is stored only on your mobile phone.

Uploading photos of your pay slips and loan payment receipts are for your record purposes only, as this helps for an easier tracking of your monthly goals and loan status, but this is entirely optional. Enrich does not have access to these photos.

The Enrich Planner App does not ask for confidential information related to your personal bank account. We encourage you to regularly check your online banking through your bank’s facilities, but to use the Enrich Planner App separately to track your budget and cross check your savings.

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