你是否準備好全情投入去達成目標?Enrich與不同的企業合作為外傭提供持續性的導師計劃。在這個課程裡,你會與一位企業導師一起合作六個月朝著你的目標努力。請注意指導課程在一年裡的不同時間進行 – 定期查看我們最新的時間表。



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  • 指導:從課堂中走出去,透過鼓勵及指導去實踐你所學的理財技巧。
  • 朝著目標努力:找出你需要額外支援的特定目標,並利用這個機會去努力。
  • 持續反饋:向專家學習超過6個月 – 向你的導師講解你的主意, 定期向他們詢問意見或一起集思廣益。


Thank you so much [my mentor], for all the sacrifices, effort and patience with me throughout our mentoring. I am so grateful that I met you along the way of my journey. I found not just a MENTOR but a FRIEND as well. Now, I am confident and faithful to going back home FOR GOOD! Thank you isn’t enough, but rest assured that I will spread and plant more seeds to others, to inspire them as well and live with a purpose!
Migrant Domestic Worker Mentee (long-term)
I would like to thank [my mentee] for her incredible dedication to her future and her goals, she taught me a lot with her resilience and determination. I’d also like to thank Enrich for this opportunity and platform they have built to help domestic helpers and allow others to gain more perspective, insights and empathy.
Volunteer Corporate Mentor (long-term)

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