Long-term Mentoring

Three-month mentoring with a corporate mentor to work towards your goals.


Are you ready to commit towards achieving your goals? Enrich partners with various corporates to provide migrant domestic workers with ongoing mentorship. In this programme, you will work together with a volunteer corporate mentor over three months to help progress towards your targets. Please note that mentoring sessions are run at different times of the year - check back regularly for our most updated schedule.

Session fee


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Key Takeaways

  • Coaching: Walk away from the session with greater encouragement and coaching to follow-through with the money-management skills you have learned.
  • Progress in your goals: Identify specific goals which you need extra support to achieve and use this opportunity to work towards them.
  • Ongoing feedback: Learn from an expert over 3 months - run an idea past your mentor, ask them for regular feedback or brainstorm with them.


Thank you so much [my mentor], for all the sacrifices, effort and patience with me throughout our mentoring. I am so grateful that I met you along the way of my journey. I found not just a MENTOR but a FRIEND as well. Now, I am confident and faithful to going back home FOR GOOD! Thank you isn’t enough, but rest assured that I will spread and plant more seeds to others, to inspire them as well and live with a purpose!
Migrant Domestic Worker Mentee (long-term)
I would like to thank [my mentee] for her incredible dedication to her future and her goals, she taught me a lot with her resilience and determination. I’d also like to thank Enrich for this opportunity and platform they have built to help domestic helpers and allow others to gain more perspective, insights and empathy.
Volunteer Corporate Mentor (long-term)

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