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Your Financial Safety is our Priority: An Introduction to Enrich Workshops (English)


Our new Lunch and Learn series, "Your Financial Safety is our Priority: An Introduction to Enrich Workshops", is a new and exciting education series especially for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong! Learn from the experts and get tips on how to: 

  • handle your personal finances
  • manage family needs
  • invest your money wisely
  • improve communication skills
  • set up your own business

This series is open to all! Just have an open mind and be ready to learn and transform your lives through financial education and personal development  programmes. Register today and encourage your friends to sign up too. All are welcome!

28 Aug 2022     Keep Calm and Save Money
25 Sept 2022    Family Cares Across the Miles
30 Oct 2022      Make your Money Work for you
27 Nov 2022     Sometimes you Just Need to Say No 
18 Dec 2022     Finally! My Own Business

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