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Am I entitled to overtime pay and days off?

Overtime pay and bonuses are discretionary. It is best to discuss work hours and overtime pay with your employer before signing your contract so that you each have a clear understanding of work hour expectations and the rest you are entitled to. 

You are entitled to one full day’s rest (24 hours) every 7 days and 12 statutory holidays a year. Your employer cannot force you to work on your rest day and holidays. Your employer can give you a day off instead of a statutory holiday but cannot legally pay you to work on a statutory holiday. Find out more at the Labour Department’s Foreign Domestic Helper’s Corner.

If you have any questions about your employment contract/conditions contact the Labour Department’s hotline at +852 2157 9537 (Dial Ext. ‘11’ for English, Ext. ‘17’ for Bahasa Indonesia and Ext. ‘19’ for Tagalog).