Empower migrant domestic workers to invest in themselves
through financial and empowerment education.
Lucia's Story
It feels good to have financial stability. I have shared what I have learned from Enrich with my family, especially my son.
I learned that money is not only for today - you need to think for the future also!
I dream of owning my own business.
Sheena’s Story
I was able to pay off my debts within one year!
Nyoman’s Story
I have learned how to be a good leader, and how to communicate with others from different backgrounds.
How We Help
We empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong with the tools to overcome financial difficulties and achieve their goals and dreams.
Although domestic workers may earn higher salaries in Hong Kong than in their home countries, a lack of financial literacy leaves them ill-equipped to deal with the enormous pressures on their finances, including recruitment debt, family obligations, extortionate interest rates or scams. Enrich graduates learn how to:
Plan and save for the future
We believe that domestic workers can use their time in Hong Kong to plan for a future with greater financial security.
Communicate effectively with family/friends
Our graduates learn to withstand financial pressures from family and friends, as well as engage family in working towards goals together.
Make informed financial decisions
How do you spot scams? What are the risks of investing? How do you write a business plan? Our graduates learn to make wise judgements to plan and protect their finances.
I'm a domestic worker
I want to sponsor a domestic worker

Understanding mental health and financial stress

Mental Health Habit Builder

and more!

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Wealth of Knowledge: Unleashing the Power of Financial Education

7th Annual Enrich Graduation

29 October 2023

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

A Future Enriched: Achievement Unlocked

6th Annual Enrich Graduation 

30 October 2022, Sunday, 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Our Programmes
We equip migrant domestic workers with the tools to save, budget and plan for a future with greater financial security
We believe that education should be impactful, accessible and tailored to domestic workers’ needs. We offer our participants a range of learning opportunities, using both interactive and traditional teaching methods.
Our Workshops
An introduction to personal finance, tailor-made for migrant domestic workers.
An introduction to entrepreneurship for domestic workers who are planning to start a business.
Explore the basics of investment concepts, tools and instruments.
Learn how to balance the needs of your family, yourself and your future.
A fun, hands-on introduction to the principles of confident communication.
Our Impact
I learned a lot like being more mindful about spending money even on petty expenses.
Impact is very important to us and we constantly evaluate our programmes. Research shows that our workshops have a life-changing impact on migrant domestic workers’ financial knowledge, behaviour and confidence.
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