Can my helper access any legitimate investment opportunities in Hong Kong?

Theoretically, migrant domestic workers can invest in Hong Kong - however, this might be quite challenging in practice. Only 18% of domestic workers here have bank accounts, and many might not be able to maintain the substantial minimum balances or requirements needed in order to access investment opportunities through their bank (such as a securities account to invest in stocks).

There might be other investment opportunities that exist such as multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes which target domestic workers, but we always advise caution as some of these might be scams, or might require domestic workers to invest large amounts/purchase stock.

Many domestic workers actually prefer to invest in their home countries, as part of their future plans for themselves and their families. For example, they might use their time in Hong Kong to buy land at home, build a house, set up a business or invest in their family member’s education.

Regardless of where they invest, we always encourage our participants to first develop a good and sustainable savings habit to be able to invest enough funds. We always stress that savings have to be the main priority and that they should never invest more than they can afford to lose. When they are ready to invest, they should then begin by doing research, understanding their risk appetite, and so on. 

If your helper is interested in learning more about how to invest safely, you could sponsor her to attend our Growing My Money workshop which provides a comprehensive introduction to investment tools.

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