How much is the minimum wage and food allowance for migrant domestic workers?

According to the Hong Kong Labour Department, the minimum wage for migrant domestic workers is $4,870 HKD for contracts signed on or after 30 September 2023. It is illegal for an employer to pay a wage below this minimum amount. It is also illegal for you and your employer to agree on a wage that is less than the minimum wage.

You are entitled to a food allowance of HK$1,236 per month if your employer does not provide you with free food. This is in compliance with section 5(b) of your standard employment contract. 

Please read your contract carefully before signing to make sure that you will be paid the correct amount for your salary.

If an employer insists on paying you less than the minimum wage, if you are not receiving your rest days or if you have any other questions about your employment contract/conditions contact the Labour Department’s hotline at +852 2157 9537 (Dial Ext. ‘11’ for English, Ext. ‘17’ for Bahasa Indonesia and Ext. ‘19’ for Tagalog).

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