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We believe education should be impactful, accessible and tailored to domestic workers’ needs.
“In 13 years of working in Hong Kong, this is the only time I understood how to manage money, savings and business, to handle family and employers.”

Impact is very important to us. After every workshop or programme, we conduct impact evaluation to see how we can better meet migrant domestic workers’ needs, based on their feedback.

In December 2017, we were pleased to release ‘Financial Literacy: What is the Impact?’, the very first year-long external impact study of our financial and empowerment education programmes for migrant domestic workers. The study was conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and used both quantitative and qualitative methodology.

The findings are an exciting revelation into financial literacy as a fundamental tool for empowerment and financial inclusion.

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Equipping migrant domestic workers with knowledge to take greater control of their finances.
It starts with learning the skills; after our workshops, our participants know how to save, budget and plan their finances.
98 %
know how to allocate money on expenses and savings every month.
91 %
understand responsibilities, consequences, and risks of borrowing money.
91 %
know how to manage the financials of their business and grow it.
Forming good habits to realise their hopes for a better future.
It isn’t enough to just have knowledge - you also need to implement what you learn. Our participants improve significantly in their financial behaviour as well.
96 %
now track their expenses.
94 %
do research before deciding on an investment tool.
Empowering migrant domestic workers with knowledge and confidence to speak up!
After our workshops, our participants know their rights and are able to communicate confidently, especially with their families.
98 %
talk to family openly about money and include them in financial planning.
100 %
express concerns effectively and say ‘no’ assertively.
“For the longest time I’ve been here in Hong Kong, I struggled with managing my salary but from attending Enrich workshops, I learned a lot, like being more mindful about spending money.”
an Enrich participant
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Financial Literacy: What is the Impact?
An exciting year-long impact study of our financial and empowerment education programmes for migrant domestic workers.
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