Is it better to have a phone subscription or just use ‘pay as you go’ / ‘top up cards’?

If you find yourself spending a sizeable amount of your budget on communication cost, take note of exactly what it is you are spending on. This is particularly important if you own and maintain several phone units. When deciding how to pay for your phone, consider the following:

  • Monthly subscription: 

    • The monthly subscription charge and other related costs especially if you will consider getting a data plan to maximize free SMS/texts and calls through Wifi services;

    • The rate charged for calls and SMS/texts in and outside of Hong Kong;

    • Any extra charges added if you go beyond your data plan and beyond the free call minutes and text messages;

    • Length of contract period, and how much it will cost if you have to cut your contract short.

  • ‘Pay as you go’ / ’Top up’ cards:

    • Rate of calls per minute as well as text messages, especially for communicating outside Hong Kong;

    • Administration fee costs if there are any

You are the best person to know your phone needs and your budget - take these into account to find the most efficient and cost effective plan for you. Whether you opt to take on a plan or use top up cards, you will need to have the discipline to stick to this commitment consistently to ensure that you do not spend too much money - e.g. if you budget for two top up cards a month, make sure you stick to that.

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