Managing my finances in a digital world (English)


Our new Lunch and Learn series, 'Managing my finances in a digital world' in partnership with KPMG, is a new education series especially for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong! Learn how you, as a domestic worker, can make use of digital financial services to manage and improve your finances - understanding these tools can save you time, money, protect you from scams and even support your future business goals! Don't worry if you don't know anything about digital financial services - this series is for beginners! Just have an open mind and be ready to learn. Register today and encourage your friends to sign up too. All are welcome!

3 October - Kick-off: The basics of digital literacy

14 November - Introducing digital financial goods and services

5 December - E-wallets

9 January - Mobile banking

13 February - Virtual banking

13 March - Cryptocurrencies 

10 April - Digital goods 

15 May - E-commerce


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