One-off Mentoring

A half-day mentoring session for migrant domestic workers who have attended at least Money Wise Migrants.


In this half-day session, you will be paired one-to-one with a volunteer corporate mentor who will review your progress with you and discuss any challenges you face in achieving your financial plans and goals. Please note that mentoring sessions are run at different times of the year - check back regularly for our most updated schedule.

Session fee


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Key Takeaways

  • Progress check: Are you on your way to achieving your goals? Find out where you’re doing well and what areas you can improve in.
  • Coaching: Walk away from the session with greater encouragement and coaching to follow-through with the money-management skills you have learned.
  • Confidentiality: Speak openly and learn from an expert.


We discussed how to build up savings, what would be the best option in order to grow savings, choosing the right product to invest in, choosing and asking the right banks. The best thing I learned is not to rush in deciding or investing in things.
Migrant Domestic Worker Mentee

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