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Our People

Senior Advisors

Lenlen Mesina_Senior Advisor
Lenlen Mesina
Senior Advisor

Lenlen is Country Programme Manager at the UN Women Philippines - We Empower Asia Programme which hopes to deliver on economic empowerment of women through enabling business / corporate environments and gender inclusive enterprises. As the former Executive Director of Enrich, Lenlen is a strong believer in the importance of investing in education and developing strategic partnerships to achieve and sustain goals with wider and deeper impact.

She is a development worker and community educator with a passion for promoting empowerment for marginalized communities, particularly women and youth. She has over 20 years of programmes and project management experience, working for and with different stakeholders. 

Upon her move back to the Philippines in 2017, she has worked with organizations and agencies as a gender specialist/consultant doing research and training on gender-based violence and women’s leadership. She also facilitates financial education sessions for different groups and vulnerable communities.

Dr Daisy Tam
Dr. Daisy Tam
Senior Advisor

Daisy is Assistant Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at the Hong Kong Baptist University. She first encountered Enrich through her research and teaching and soon became involved as an advisor, before joining the board of directors. She believes that education, research and advocacy can lead to change, and hopes to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.