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What should I do if the agency is overcharging my helper?

Employers play a key role in ensuring that the domestic worker they hire is not overcharged or forced to take out loans. Do your due diligence when using an employment agency and use other ethical resources to find your next migrant domestic worker. 

Employment agencies in Hong Kong must comply with the Labour Department’s ‘Code of Practice for Employment Agencies’. If you do find out your worker has been overcharged, help her to get her money back by raising the issue with the agency or reporting it to the Labour Department’s Employment Agencies Administration.

You can consult the Labour Department’s hotline at +852 2157 9537.

You can also call the Indonesian Consulate at +852 6773 0466, the Philippine Consulate at +852 9155 4023 or the Philippine Overseas Labor Office at +852 28660640