Financial Consultation

Confidential individual support for migrant domestic workers in financial dilemma (e.g. loan issues) or who have critical financial decisions to make. The Financial Consultation does not provide monetary assistance or loans to migrant domestic workers.


At Enrich, we treat financial health very seriously. In much the same way you can approach a counsellor for your mental or emotional health needs, we provide a safe, non-judgmental space for domestic workers to talk about financial issues. Each session is treated on a confidential, one-to-one basis unless you prefer to be accompanied by another person, such as your employer (or a trusted friend).

If you are a migrant domestic worker who needs free, unbiased financial guidance, make an appointment with us for a free two-hour consultation

If you are an employer of a domestic worker, you can certainly book a financial consultation appointment for your helper. You can also access our resources to help protect you and your helper from further financial issues.

Session fee

For self-funding domestic workers: FREE

For employers of domestic workers: HK$250 to sponsor your helper for a financial consultation appointment. Learn about sponsoring your helper.

How we help

We encourage booking an appointment in advance for issues relating to the following:

  1. Personal finance (i.e. budget or savings issues)

  2. Loans/debt management

  3. Major financial decisions (i.e. as business or investments)

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