My family think that I am making so much money in Hong Kong and I don’t know how to manage their expectations.

It’s important to maintain regular communication with your family while you’re away. Make sure you have regular open discussions about finances, but also remember that the conversation should not always be about money, as this can be stressful and can lead to unhealthy family relationships.

It is best to be transparent and honest with your family about your life in Hong Kong. Be realistic with them and explain your circumstances from the start. You probably don’t want them to worry about you, but being honest at the beginning can help avoid misunderstandings later on and will help them understand your difficulties. 

Share with your family what you are learning about financial education. Tell them about your financial goals and get them on board to work as a team so you can achieve them together. After all, saving for the future means you can go home and be with them sooner!

Attend our Money and Family workshop to learn more about how to talk to your family about your finances.

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