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Is there a way for me to find out how many loans my helper has?

There is no legal method or database to allow you to find out how many loans your helper may have. It is understandable that you might be stressed if you suspect your helper is in debt to a loan shark, but the best thing to do is sit down with her to discuss the situation and possible solutions in a calm and non-intimidating manner. Tell her your concerns and ask her what the issues are, why she might be in debt. She might be facing certain financial pressures or struggles that you are unaware of. 

It is possible that she might not feel comfortable opening up to you about her finances - after all, many of us don’t discuss our finances with our manager at work. Make sure she gets professional advice - you can suggest meeting Enrich for a confidential one-to-one financial counselling session. We provide impartial advice and will help her evaluate her finances and come up with possible solutions.