Update: Our COVID-19 Arrangements

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COVID-19 response

Like many organisations, our work has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak - here’s how we’re adapting!

Although we had to cancel activities throughout February 2020, we know how important continued learning is to our participants. In addition to fears of the current situation, many of them now face the additional barrier of limits to their day off, so we’ve been exploring ways of engaging with them, particularly to address mental health concerns.

With our new website, participants can now access educational resources through their personal Enrich Accounts. We are sharing educational content on Facebook (English and Bahasa Indonesia), such as our "Ask the Experts" interviews and ‘learning packages’ from our Lunch & Learn lecture series (including takeaways, video clips and quizzes). We conducted a survey with our participants and learned that while the English/Tagalog-speakers prefer online classes, the Bahasa Indonesia-speakers prefer learning face-to-face; so we are running our first workshops using online conferencing tools as well as outdoor workshops in parks (with precautions in place). We encourage our participants to check our website first for the most updated course schedules.

Additionally, we are collaborating with Mind HK to translate their guide ‘Managing our Mental Health & Staying Well During a Virus Outbreak’ into Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. We are also taking this opportunity to work on internal projects, such as a new CRM system and accounting software, to ensure we are operating efficiently.

We appreciate the support we’ve received during this time and continue to grow and adapt to meet the needs of our participants. 

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