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Enrich HK and Experian proudly present Data Security Champion, empowering migrant domestic workers with knowledge on how to protect themselves in an increasingly digital world. Read on to learn more!

What is ‘Data Security Champion’?

It’s an interactive online game - read through case studies, answer the questions and win some great prizes if you get the highest score! The game will be available for one month, and is accompanied by other activities to learn more about data security.

Click here to play the Data Security Champion game today

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Why is data security important for domestic workers?

There are almost 400,000 migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, consisting of 10% of the city’s working population. They make tremendous contributions to Hong Kong’s economy - HK$98.9 billion in 2018 or 3.6% of Hong Kong’s GDP!

However despite this, they are largely financially excluded from the economy; 83% of domestic workers are in debt due to enormous pressures on their finances, including recruitment fees, family obligations or high interest rates on loans. Sadly, the desire to increase their income or improve their circumstances is often exploited - domestic workers are frequently targeted by scams based around investment, loans or romance.

The current COVID-19 crisis presents additional stressors to the domestic worker community, due to job losses, quarantine, travel bans and higher expenses. These financial pressures will leave the community more vulnerable to predators, a trend Enrich has already observed with the rise of online loan scams since the start of the pandemic.

Not knowing how to protect yourself in this increasingly digital world can have disastrous consequences. With an educational and fun approach, “Data Security Champion” will empower domestic workers with the tools to engage online safely, spot predators and protect their hard-earned money for themselves and their families.

Previous Enrich HK and Experian collaborations

  • Joint release of ‘The Value of Care’ report, 2019, revealing domestic worker’s economic contributions in Asia.
  • Co-delivered a ‘Data Privacy’ lecture series in 2019 for domestic workers in Hong Kong
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